How it all began…


Laura’s Story

While growing up in Sandy Springs, Georgia, Laura was known for discussing politics with her family, befriending teachers, and convincing classmates to join the sci-fi club. Drawn inexorably to marching band cults, she enrolled at Berkeley and became a lifelong devotee of the California Marching Band. Meanwhile, the Sinophile in her leveraged an exceptional ear to learn one of the world’s most difficult languages faster than you can say “Ni howdy.” She spent a few years in China studying human rights and proves to be a better human being than Mandela and Ghandi combined, though she’d never admit it because she’s also remarkably humble. (Jessica wrote this)


Jess’ Story

Jessica grew up all over the South and can still do a Cajun accent if she is allowed in the French Quarter for too long. She is an amazing painter, novelist, and recovering attorney. Her love of history makes her one of the most well-read individuals you will ever meet, but she can happily nerd out over others things as well. After attending Emory and Stanford Law, Jessica started her own law practice and then realized she could use her superpowers to make the world a better place (and she does). She is a devoted mother to Coach, knows every football stat there is to know, and has a special talent for making Laura laugh with her dancing skills. (Laura wrote this)

  • First Meeting

    Laura and Jessica met for the first time at a Human Rights Watch event in San Francisco. It was such a wonderful conversation that Laura immediately went home and told her roommate, Mandy, that there was something special about this girl. It didn’t take long before they went on their first date in San Francisco.

  • Traveling Together

    After dating for six months, Laura and Jessica took an amazing trip together to Romania, Italy, and Croatia together. There they sighed collective relief in knowing that they found someone who shared their love for traveling and adventures (and cappucino!)

  • Family Time

    Both Jessica and Laura have wonderful southern families, and there are few things they enjoy more than grabbing Coach and heading across the country to hangout in Ellijay, Atlanta, Fairhope, or New Orleans.

  • AnnieCannons!

    In mid-2014, Jessica and Laura decided that they were going to be partners in every way possible. AnnieCannons became their life’s work, and they dedicated their lives to fighting exploitation and supporting those who deserve every opportunity in life.

  • The Future

    Y’all, we are just getting started!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Proposal

Even after being expressly told that Laura was going to be the one to propose, Jessica really outdid herself on this one. She planned an incredible surprise. Laura, Jessica, and their dear friend McKinley went to Berkeley for the Cal-Washington game. Laura made them go through all the Cal Band traditions like watching the Sproul concert and marching up to the stadium. They met up with other wonderful friends and had an awesome tailgate. Then it was off to the game! Tragically, Cal football was in a re-building year, so it wasn’t the outcome that Laura had hoped. During 4th quarter, Jessica suggested they walk through campus to find their “lost” friends,

and Laura regaled Jessica with tales from her Berkeley days. As they neared Sproul Plaza, Laura saw that her favorite monument, one symbolizing international peace and free speech, had candles in it. Not knowing Jessica was the mastermind behind the display, Laura proclaimed, “That is BEAUTIFUL! We should go check it out”. As they walked into the monument, Jessica proposed, and it was wonderful. The ring was gorgeous (and conflict-free!), and after Laura said yes, their dear friends Mandy, Quincy, Seth, and McKinley jumped out of the bushes on the other side of the plaza with champagne and flowers. It was magical. And not five minutes later did the Cal Band come by to play some songs for the newly engaged couple!